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The Practical Guide to Starting a Business in Malaysia

November 1, 2021
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Trademarks Act 2019 in Malaysia Brings Intellectual Property Protection to International Standards

October 20, 2021

The new Trademarks Act 2019 (“TMA 2019”), which repealed the previous Trade Marks Act 1976 (“old Act”), has fundamentally changed the trademark law and registration system in Malaysia following its accession to the Madrid Protocol administered by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (“WIPO”) in Geneva, Switzerland that came into effect on 27 December 2019.

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Rescuing mechanisms in Malaysia: Insolvency (Amendment) Bill 2020

May 7, 2021

Rescuing mechanisms in Malaysia: Insolvency (Amendment) Bill 2020
This series contains two parts.
The first part revisits the recent amendments to the Insolvency Act 1967 in Malaysia which is also commonly known as ‘Bankruptcy Law’.

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Malaysia Topping as Cashless Society and E-wallets

March 24, 2021

In the 21st century, Malaysia is seeing an emerging trend in digitalisation and e-commerce, also and to many as one of the revolutionary catalysts – ‘electronic wallets’ (e-wallets). It is a software-based system that securely stores users’ personal information, account details and payment information.

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Malaysian Shoppers Go Online

February 5, 2021

When Facebook is not just a face book anymore! When brick-and-mortar stores have now transformed to browse-and-click with the use of actual or virtual keyboard, and where e-shopping is as easy as with just a few clicks at the comforts of your own home – Hello! It’s online shopping!

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Protect Your Brand – FAQ on Trademark Registration in Hong Kong

December 1, 2020

A trademark usually takes the form of a logo or sign that would serve as distinctive corporate identity. It may consist of text and numbers, as well as more intangible elements such as colour, sound, smell and shape.

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[Employment] Economic Stimulus Packages in Malaysia

November 6, 2020

The Wage Subsidy Program was introduced by the government under the second stimulus package to prevent large-scale retrenchment by funding a portion of the employees’ wages and to ensure that businesses remain sustainable.

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[Sector Focus: SME] Economic Stimulus Packages in Malaysia

November 6, 2020

It is proposed that micro-SMEs would be entitled to a special grant amounting to RM3,000. In order to enjoy the above special grant, the micro-SME must be registered with the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia and a list of eligible micro-SMEs would be obtained from the Local Authorities and Companies Commission of Malaysia by the Government.

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